Whistle Technologies Inc

Unify Business Communications

At Whistle, we offer Better Business Communications for your revenue in the modern age. Get business social apps in addition to core communications in one place.
Overcome Communication Barriers

AI driven platform communicate effectively reach clients everywhere

AI call transcriptions

AI Call Insights – Live, and recorded Call plus Voicemail Transcriptions


Web and Mobile

Emergency-Broadcast-Alert Software

Emergency Alerts or Audience Outreach - Use Voice and Messaging Broadcast


Improved Business Efficiency, and Quality Communications at lower capex and opex costs.

The Ultimate Guide to Business Phone Systems

Experience a new style of unified communications with support for various devices.

Global Business Communications redundancy

Globally Redundant infrastructure providing high availability. Eliminate support contracts.

*Compliance with FCC & CRTC regulations and integrations such as META for STIR/SHAKEN calling or messaging needs is mandatory for platform use. 

Is your Voice and Messaging Communications software helping grow the business?

At Whistle, we redefine Voice and Messaging Communications to bring special capabilities that help you grow business revenue and get more value for money – consolidate communications in one place.

No Hardware Needed

Cloud based software delivery leads to thousands of dollars in cost savings. Re-invest the money in your business.

Get rid of Support Contracts

Our software works intelligently, which means no specialized support is required. Complimentary 24×7 support is included.

Simple not complex

We believe in simple to use technology. No need to hire skilled or consulting resources for communications setup. Try it.

Customer Testimonials!

Brent L.
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My startup needed a virtual HD phone network we could operate from our home offices. Whistle was the only provider that had a simplified all-in-one solution for this, and at a very reasonable price.
Shawn S.
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We use Whistle for our global operations. Very flexible, easy to scale, and reliable solution. Their product meets our main business requirements which is exactly what we needed in a solution.

As part of our subscription we keep getting new features that are released periodically and this innovation helps our team communication better with our customers.
M. Rehal
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For our logistics company, we were not happy with the large telecom companies charging us high rates but giving very few features. Whistle billing is clear and predictable - no surprises for us.

Their solution keeps our multi-region teams connected as if they were in our main office. For now we use it in Canada, USA, and India.
Lawrence A.
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We are a growing Utilities company, and our field operations need reliable connectivity with back office operations at a competitive cost.

Whistle's SMS platform along with Voice features is next-gen and we don't have to use one of the big telecom companies or regular VOIP providers anymore. Thanks team Whistle!
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Whistle gave my election campaign a great way to reach out to the potential voters easily and conveniently.

Their chatbot handled inquiries and connected interested residents directly with me which was a great help. I would recommend them to other Political candidates as well.