Whistle Technologies Inc

Experience the Whistle.tech unified communications platform that will boost revenue and productivity.
Experience the Whistle.tech business communications platform that will boost revenue and productivity.

Simple steps to sign up and start using Whistle

Learn how to start with Whistle.tech. Watch our video below or review the steps. Read the information below and let’s begin.

Whistle is a Cloud hosted platform that does not require any on-premise hardware, software, or support contracts.

Customers save operations costs as our platform is very simple to setup and configure

Within a few minutes get going and if needed our support team can assist any time.


Visit our Home page or Pricing page and select a subscription.

After completing sign-up, you will receive two emails – a Welcome email and a Verify your Account email. 

Submit business verification documents for compliance and regulatory requirements

Perform your business configuration on Settings Page and get your Extensions Group going

Upon Business Verification you are ready to send/receive calls and messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a default Extension Group which will be used for all calls when a caller does not make any selection. For simplicity sake, you can name it as “Default”

Whistle’s auto attendant setup is mostly automated so you only need to make some minor changes. 

Go to Settings –> select your business days and schedule. 

Then type the greeting that you want our AI engine to speak out (it’s AI text to speech).

If you select any prompts in your greeting, just setup those prompts below and point them to an extension or an Extension Group.

That’s easy. Once you have completed Business Hours settings, just specify similar settings for your After Hours call flow.

Plus if you want calls forwarded, after hours to a single phone number, just specify that number and enable all calls to be forwarded.

For call flow based on prompts, or to send calls to specific individuals or extension groups based on IVR greeting you just need to add more users (or select one user to get all calls). 

Tip: Create your Users first before you start modifying Extension Groups as it is easier.

Hit the General Settings tab on Settings Page and enable the users who should be able to see all shared calls and messages.

The option to enable Call Recordings can also be toggled on same page, 

From your Voice or Messages tab, just select our Support Number and reach out. We’ll respond quickly to answer your questions.