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Business users and consumers struggle in today’s world with a range of communications apps on their mobile and work devices. Each person on average uses five social apps for communication, creating business efficiency issues and security challenges. 

Whistle.tech is a next-gen AI driven Unified Communications platform, that consolidates multiple social and communications apps in one place. Users no longer need to search for messages across multiple apps, IT Security compliance gets a boost, and social media communications for business are better managed. 

Whistle.tech competes with established players such as RingCentral, Vonage, Dialpad and on the enterprise side with Cisco, Avaya etc. Their path to success is unique due to the value proposition leading to clients across US, Canada, Mexico, and India.

Current telecom frameworks and technologies are archaic. High Costs, Lack of Innovation, and Lack of Agility hinder business growth. 

Whistle was developed on the concept that business communications experience is priority #1 – the product needs to work around it. 

This approach provided success and traction in achieving revenue milestones. Whistle’s vision is to transform the telecom industry by challenging status quo.

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