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CollisionConf – Day 1 for Whistle.tech

Anil Sedha, Founder and CEO of Whistle.tech attended Collision Conference 2024
CollisionConf Day 1 - Whistle.tech Business Communications on June 18th, 2024 in Toronto showcased it’s technology platform powered with AI capabilities.

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It usually is a bright day once it rains – sort of. Whistle.tech started Day 1 of Collision Conference on June 18th, 2024 in Toronto, by exhibiting in the SaaS Startups Booth #A625. A downpour early in the morning did not dampen any spirits as we registered bright and early.

We had our iPad, Android tablet, and cell phones ready to go for demo purposes. Once the show began, we were ready to engage to highlight why Whistle is different, and how it is redefining Business Communications.

Interesting Insight – The show was being managed a little differently than last year. Things were more streamlined but attendance appeared lesser compared to last year. The Investor meetings appeared to be easier and more quality focused. This is also the last year of CollisionConf in Toronto so it must have played a role in general attendance. Next year, CollisionConf will be in Vancouver.

We are thankful to Whitney Moir, representing our Tech Accelerator – North Forge Technology Exchange, for coming to our booth and making sure we had all the help we needed. The support of your tech ecosystem is significant and we are thankful for every bit of support that comes our way.

Team Whistle showcased our tech and addressed some very creative questions around use case – especially for industry areas where we haven’t yet acquired clients. But maybe that’s going to be addressed soon as the potential clients signed up for a demo – go Whistle!

Key takeaways:

  1. Always have screenshots in place – and we were ready before the show. Our experience last year taught us that Internet services at conferences are unreliable so having screenshots helps immensely.
  2. People buy from People – we had quite a few startups approach us early about their services and we were happy to engage to find collaborative value. However, it was also a good session into our own Sales Masterclass approach as we started getting potential clients after about 11am.
  3. Kudos to those who smiled and engaged – we had quite a few interesting folks who came to talk to us, were highly engaging and sharing potential use cases for which they wanted our insight, and numerous curious minds wondering what the future of Business Communications could look like based on our vision. Our founder, Anil Sedha was happy to oblige as usual.
  4. Sales is one thing but having great conversations was the purpose – our goal honestly was to promote awareness of Whistle’s technology at the conference. We aimed to get attendees to appreciate how we could help grow their revenues. That resonated with quite a few potential clients and some signed up instantly to Schedule a Demo with team Whistle. Talk about focus – this separates the achievers from followers. And we love to work with those who want to look to boost business value.
  5. Whistle does not use PBX or SIP and we made sure people knew – and they loved it. Decades old technology does not bring benefits of next-gen technology advancements. With our platform’s AI capabilities it did not take much to get heads to nod in agreement.
  6. Media Interviews and Press – We got interviewed by three different media sources (one TV crew) and are highly thankful for them taking the team to not only speak with us but also promote us on Social Media.
  7. One attendee blew my mind away – yes, they were doing something very creative with Business Communications and need our help. Talk about engaging conversations use cases. We never thought of this one – though I have seen a concept like that in a movie once.
  8. Press release on exhibition day – We have now launched our Channel Partner Program and Click to Call functionality. Each year, at CollisionConf we have something special planned. A press release went out and is posted on our website.
  9. Great meeting with Eric Rafat (founder of FoundersPress/FoundersBeta and Zach Ronski (co-founder of Fello Agency), Ana Maria (LAP Health), Ajay Goel (CEO of Codestore) to name a few. If you don’t already know about the work they do, better check out their startups.
  10. Last but not the least – we attended a couple of special invite only (smaller group) events. It was all about substance to engage with Investors (who really understand the future vision), and potential partnership opportunities. It was great to engage later on with attendees of the Cyber Security Alliance.

Today, the relationships we made, the awareness we created, our focus on using Whistle for empowering Business Growth opportunities made it all worthwhile to make the trip to CollisionConf.

We have more interesting stuff planned for remaining two days so stay tuned! In the meantime, please follow us on our social channels because trust us – there’s a lot of interesting content coming ahead.

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Enjoy some pictures from the Show.

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