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Bright second day of new energy at CollisionConf

Day 2 at CollisionConf - Whistle.tech

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A bright second day of new energy at CollisionConf kicked off early with a breakfast meeting, and other pre-scheduled meetings. The breakfast conversations offsite got us engaged with a new side of business activity that will help our product strategy.

Since I was almost running late and Toronto traffic can get interesting, I rushed to the Conference for my next meeting to discuss our business goals, growth plans, and challenges with Economic Development Winnipeg.

I was very pleased to learn about Lasha from the work she has done and her plans in current role. To be fully honest, I came in thinking that I’d encounter traditional approaches to business – but Lasha Glennie, is awesome. She gets it that startups encounter numerous challenges and helping pave the way will lead to significant economic growth for Winnipeg.

Lasha shared some insights of the business focus she used in previous opportunities and how she is working hard to bring more emphasis on business growth initiatives in Manitoba. She wanted to understand our story, how we differentiate our Business Communications platform from the rest – and for those reading this post, Whistle.tech unifies Business Communications and Social Apps in one place.

Whistle.tech isn’t a typical VoIP company, and neither do we use archaic decades old PBX or SIP technology. Our entire platform is developed from the ground up to be super intelligent as it is powered by Artificial Intelligence for core capabilities and has a focus on multi-cloud, multi-provider strategy.

So if you are in the market looking to replace your business phone system, build a next-gen business communications integration in your ERP or web applications, or need a robust messaging platform, please reach out to me. Give me a chance to work collaboratively to address your business communications challenges.

Back to back meetings were the order of the day, so I headed over to meet our 1st Enterprise Client to review a draft agreement, discuss our Proof of Concept progress, and the plans to get started with second phase of our PoC.

With this client, we’ve started working on some highly interesting stuff which also opens up new business opportunities for Whistle. One thing that resonated for both of us – is our focus on long term goals vs short term success.

Whistle.tech is preparing a great long term strategy to work with Enterprise organizations since they require more stability, emphasis on continuous innovation, and potential advantages over their competitors. Our clients can rest assured that we may be a small startup but as a founder, Anil Sedha has plenty of experience managing risk, business continuity, and innovation goals.

We ended up the meeting feeling assured of having key areas reviewed. The one thing that mattered to us is the client appreciated our agile approach to the project. Team Whistle.tech leaves no stone unturned to showcase our strength and capabilities to help faster revenue growth and increased business efficiency for our clients.

Wrapping up that meeting, it was time for another short one to discuss some of our marketing goals and plans ahead. This led to a few key booth visits since I planned on meeting some startups interested in our technology. Some were curious enough to learn about our pricing so I showed comparisons but emphasized that we prefer to focus on business value from our software rather than be a low cost provider. As I said, it was a ‘bright second day of new energy at CollisionConf’ and it was working out well.

It is very assuring to see how startups and companies are starting to look at Whistle.tech for their core business communications integration and wanting us to bring that layer of stable business communications fabric.

There were quite a few communications focused companies at CollisionConf, but I also observed that when we dug a little deeper the platforms were cluttered and integrations were rapidly put together that will lead to business chaos when one of those partners just pulled the plug.

Whistle.tech on the other hand is working more cohesively and building formal relationships to ensure long term integrity of our application integration with other providers.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to our friends over at DuploCloud. Reconnected with Kobon Rosetta at DuploCloud who is a great resource if you are interested to learn more about them or get started.

Finally, what is a conference without some after-hours special events. I decided to head over to a couple of networking events where I bumped into some fabulous folks. People working in an emerging industry – where we intend to lead early and be a major contributor. This multi-trillion industry will grow leaps and bounds and it was part of my vision as one of our product use-cases when I first launched Whistle.tech

With some great exciting conversations and meet-ups it was finally time to head back to my humble AirBnB. Toronto is expensive, and as a startup founder, I took the cheapest AirBnB I could find here. It gets interesting where I am put up, as I keep hearing police sirens through the night – a busy street apparently. Hope everyone is safe though and it’s time to look out for the final day of CollisionConf where I am planned to meet with one of our Toronto based clients.

As usual, sharing some new pics from the conference. Have a great read.

Anil Sedha

Founder, Whistle.tech

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