About Whistle

Most users today need to install 5-10 communications apps just to converse with others. We consolidate those apps in one place so you only require one app to communicate on all channels.

Whistle is a Cloud based software that consolidates multiple apps in one place – using the power of AI and data science to revolutionize how businesses communicate and collaborate.

With our comprehensive suite of unified communications tools, we empower organizations to streamline their communication channels, enhance productivity, and deliver seamless experiences.


The cloud platform that will change how you communicate - Whistle.tech

We focus on revolutionizing business communications by unifying access to Voice Calls, Text Messages, WhatsApp, Broadcast and social apps. No surprises, no costly contracts, and a lot of value for money. With years of innovation expertise, we make implemention of unified communications easy."

Shared Text Messaging
Whistle Tech - Unified Communications Platform

Our Mission

Revolutionize the Telecommunications industry and change how organizations communicate. Offer innovative, automated, data driven communications.

Our Difference

  • No hardware and software support contracts. 
  • No more Surprises – What you see is what you pay.
  • Real Savings – Compare existing telecom spending to realize true $ savings.  
  • Simply Efficient – Boost efficiency and revenue through intelligent communications.

IT Champions - your organization needs you.

If you are an IT Leader or Procurement professional responsible for measuring business expense value, cost control, or promoting innovation - we can help you perform a complimentary review of the potential savings and business efficiency that Whistle can provide to your organization.

Help your organization save money. Lead as a cost savings champion.

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